At Bay Software Solutions Limited, we pride ourselves on our versatility. From supply and installation and support of your new network to individual configuration of your stand-alone PC; from design and build of specialist software to meet your unique requirements to the installation and training of off-the-shelf products.

Complete solutions for the small to medium business including....

  • Customised accounting solutions
  • Customised software/database design to suit your exact business needs
  • Customised training for your business
  • Consulting expertise
  • Hardware sales and support
  • Network solutions
  • Project Management
  • Web Design

Customised accounting solutions

Carpet & Curtain Manager - CCM is just one example of an accounting software package integrated into a fully functional management tool.

Customised software/database design to suit your exact business needs

Using MS Access, SQL Server, My SQL, ADS (Advantage Database Server) and other database programs, we can build or extend an existing database to meet the requirements of your business.

Customised training for your business

Purchased a software package and are having trouble using it or you just want to extend your skills within a program?
We can help. We can provide one on one training, group sessions or customise a training solution to meet your requirements.

Consulting expertise

Want to implement IT within your business and don't know where to start? We have consulted on all types and sizes of projects. Our consulting experience could give your IT project the kick start it needs to get it running quickly and with minimal stress.

Hardware sales and support

We can provide you with your hardware requirements from printers to new PCs at very competitive prices. Most software packages can be obtained within a short time of placing an order with us.

Network solutions

Having trouble with your network or require a new network to be installed? We can help. With our experience and associations, we are able to set up and maintain networks of any size.

Project management

About to commence an IT project large or small, and need advice on how to implement it? We have been involved in projects of all size, and our experience could save you time and expense.

Web design

From information sites (static web pages) to dynamic database driven web pages utilising Active Server Pages. We have designed, written and implemented solutions for all type of business - large and small