Need to keep better track of your staff whereabouts? Tired of transferring calls, only to find the staff member is not at their desk? If this sounds like you - e-Board is your solution.

What is e-Board?

e-Board is a simple to use Electronic Bulletin Board. It allows you to quickly look up where a staff member is and whether they are available, all without leaving your desk!

What does e-Board look like?

e-Board is a software program that sits on the side, top or bottom of your computer screen. When you change your status, it shows all other users, in real-time, that your status or availability has changed.

How does e-Board work?

There are two traffic lights. The AVAILABILITY light shows whether a person is available or not (Green=Available, Red=Not Available). The STATUS Light shows a colour coded status of a person (e.g. At Lunch, On the Phone, Gone Home etc.)

When you hover over a persons initials with your mouse, e-Board shows the personís full name, a description of their status and any message left by that person.

What can be customised?

Virtually anything. For example you decide:-

  • Which staff members form part of which e-Board group. Simply create your groups and add the people into that group Then decide which group you want to display on the screen. You can quickly and easily open & close different groups at any time
  • The list order and display of staff on your e-Board. These are ordered by moving them up or down in the list, so you can see the important people at the top of the list
  • The positioning of e-Board on your screen

Can I control what the user sees?

Of course. For example you decide:-

  • The e-Board status names and colours. Simply think of a status you wish to track, enter it in the list and assign it the colour of your choice
  • Which users have administrative rights to maintain the database. An administrative user can edit and add groups, users and statuses

Click here to download the promotional leaflet for e-Board.