Tired of mis-measures? How many times do you leave a measure and find you missed a wall measurement off? Do you sometimes have difficulty reading your (or somebody else's) hand-writing? If this sounds like you then MeasureSquare is your solution.

What is MeasureSquare?

MeasureSquare is a cutting edge estimating and quantifying tool that allows you to quickly and accurately quantify any flooring and/or wall product on any surface. This includes carpet, vinyl, tile, wood and laminate. It handles floors, walls, closet, stairways, islands, borders, backsplashes, trims and bull noses with ease. Complicated curved and angled rooms, self coving, transitions, tile patterns and room pattern matching are all standard features of the software. MeasureSquare optimizes seam layouts and cuts producing minimum wastage and produces the cut sheets instantly. Recalculation of all these quantities is immediate if another material is dropped into the room making multiple quote options a breeze. Linking with a BlueTooth laser measurer allows complicated room shapes to be measured and quantified quickly and accurately on-site. If required, a quote can be produced on the spot that includes all the extras like labour, bars, underlay etc. allowing the sale to be closed there and then.

What does MeasureSquare look like?

MeasureSqure is a software program that runs off a desktop PC. All information is accessed off tabs on one screen for ease of use. MeasuereSquare is parameter based and reads it's settings from a series of databases. Standard rules like unit of measure, if T-Seams are to be used, standard doorway sizes etc. are stored for ease of use - but each is customisable when and as they are used. Materials categories are created where like material types are grouped together. Rules are then applied to these product types like cut width, number or square meters in a box, pattern repeats etc - but again each is customisable when and they are used. The program then uses these rules to best optimise these materials to the rules set.

How does MeasureSquare work?

Once your rules are set, MeasureSquare follows a simple 3 stage procedure. Firstly you draw your room. This can be done using a laser measurer on-site via BlueTooth, traced from a scanned builder's plan (note - this does not need to be to scale), or using the room drawing tools built into the software. Secondly you drag into the room the materials you wish to use on the project and quantify. Finally you add your extras and labour - it is as simple as that. To change anything you just drag in different materials and re-quantify - the software does the rest.

Can do I have control of?

Everything - there are too many options to meantion. For example you can:-

  • Add, delete or move seams if you don't like their positioning. This can be done on the plan or in the cut sheet window
  • Quantify different rooms in different directions. Multiple materials can be applied to any surface, including ceilings
  • Manipulate which cuts are cut off which lengths. Cuts can be dragged and dropped between lengths for better optimisation
  • Flexibility on laying angle of tiles, layering of different size tiles or different product types on the walls or ceilings
  • Full control over doorbar widths, feature strips, grout width, labour charges, units of measures etc. etc.

What reporting is there?

You can print out:-

  • Cut Sheets. These can be printed as one output or split by each material or trade person. Can be printed to scale
  • Scaled floor plans per room, floor building, with or without dimensions and cuts
  • Installation and material lists by trade type including allowances for labour and extras if required
  • Worksheet costings by trade, by room, by material type
  • MeasureSquare can be used to purchase the products ny printing purchase order forms in the unit of measure per material
  • MeasureSquare can replace your quotations system or invoicing programs. Company logos and names are used on all output

Click here to download the promotional leaflet for MeasureSquare.